Hunter’s Kloak® Pine Concealment Scent Cartridge

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The scent of fresh pine, those found in rich coniferous woods or plantations, work well as a cover scent, disguising human odors which allow hunters to remain undetected by game animals. Pine is an aromatic scent that distributes widely and is functional in a variety of terrain during various seasons. Ideal when hunting from elevated stands where pine trees are prevalent.

The synthetic Pine scent cartridge is 2.5 fluid ounces (75ml) and sealed with a screw-on cap that can be reused to cap the cartridge for storage. The cartridge is mess-free, easy to install, and is interchangeable while on the hunt. For easy at-a-glance recognition, the cartridge is clearly labeled with the name of the contents. Each of the Hunter’s Kloak® scent cartridges last approximately 4.5 hours and can be used in the Hunter’s Kloak® Gen 2 Kloak Mister, Ghost Mister, Pro Mister or the Rut Rouser® Dual Mister.