Who is Odin? He is the Father of Thor….that’s kind of cool.. But, this chief among Norse gods who could appear as wind came to be known as the god of the hunt. ... also known as Asgardreia, the Raging Host, the Wild Ride and the Wild Hunt. In his role as leader and god of the hunt, Odin was known as the Wild Huntsman.

He probably did not need to use attractant…or arrows! He may have scared them to death!

What we do

At Odin’s Innovations™ we are driven to develop high quality and effective products for hunters and those that love and respect the outdoors.  We apply new technologies to bring you innovative outdoor solutions.  Our tag line, “Better Than You Found It”®, represents our commitment that every product we make will be made using sustainable materials that are not harmful to our environment!  Some will be biodegradable when the application allows.

Our Why

At Odin’s Innovations™ we are driven to develop high quality and effective products for hunters and those that love and respect the outdoors.  We apply new technologies to bring you a proven attractant that is powerful, effective, long lasting and biodegradable!  For years the hunter either just poured it on the ground or had to combine attractant with cotton wicks or rags but at Odin’s Innovations, we knew there had to be a better way!  Our tag line, “Better Than You Found It”®, represents a unique biodegradable formula that is a natural color that retains a strong attractant smell even after a heavy dew or rain, retaining its effectiveness for weeks giving you an area to which bucks want to keep coming back.

Whitetail Rut

It happens every fall, every year, in every state.  It’s the only time of the season when you can hope to catch a mature whitetail buck on the move during daylight hours. During the rut, you know big bucks let their guard down....end up in unfamiliar territory.  You need to guide them.

They are on the move. Put down an attractant that will last for weeks; attracting them to visit your perfect line of site.

deer attractant

Made from an innovative biodegradable polymer that absorbs large amounts of liquid scents. It also includes natural fibers to provide outdoor color and texture, making the attractant almost invisible when dispersed on the ground. The attractant retain their scent over an extended period and through heavy dew and, even, rain. They then biodegrade, leaving no trace to spoil the beauty of your favorite hunting area!

No liquid to pour or measure.  No dipping of wicks.  No spray cans to carry around.  Just sprinkle the attractant on the ground in the spot which you wish to attract your deer and/or sprinkle them in a pattern to lead them towards you. 


Our partnership starts with you, the customer.  Our commitment is to bring you high value products that make you feel good.  We listen to your suggestions to improve our products and we welcome your ideas. What else would you like to see made from non-toxic sustainable materials?  Please sign in so we can keep you aware of new products and developments.

Hunter’s Kloak is the source of our new synthetic scents. We knew how important our selection of the synthetic scents would be; so, we went to the best we could find.

Odin’s Innovations™ is part of LC BioPlastics, a company that brings environmentally conscientious product solutions to the market.  Odin’s Innovations™ is especially for hunters and those that enjoy the outdoors.

future ideas

Do you have other ideas for our biodegradable polymer? Click below and share your ideas with us!  This unique, patent pending biodegradable polymer absorbs scents…..any scents. What else would help our hunting customers? How about apple scent? We’ve got apple in field tests now….so far, so great. Acorn? The ingredients are not a food source; would you like two-pound bags with sweet-corn scent?

We’d love to hear your ideas! Thanks for sharing!