New Pear Scent for Whitetail Deer

Develops Effective Scents For Multiple Prey

May 1, 2024
Overland Park, KS

Overland Park, KS –   Odin’s Innovations maintains an active product development effort.  If you consider yourself truly ‘innovative’,” said Paul Black of Odin’s Innovations. “you can’t be afraid to fail.” You must be willing to “think outside the box”. From that commitment came the Pear scent…..and others. Not all the ideas meet the performance required to become part of our offering, but the Pear Scent is a winner!

 We are continually looking for that next “killer scent” (pun intended),” Black said. “One that may not be available on the market, but one for which we can create a scent that is accurate and effective.”  Pears are considered a rare treat for deer. As pear trees may be less hardy than other varieties, you may not find a lot of pear trees growing wild, but when you do, you should probably hang a stand nearby. Or you can just bring your own “pear tree”.

Sometimes we need to change our perspective to identify scents that would be attractive to different prey,” said Black. This led Odin’s to add Blackstrap Molasses and New Berry as well as enhancements to our Apple, Peanut Butter, and Vanilla scents. ” It is very interesting what we learned while field testing the new pear scent; a popular attractant for deer that also surfaced as the #1 scent for feral pigs.  And scents for crops that are not indigenous to an area, but very effective (Persimmon)”, commented Black. “Mother Nature is not predictable.” Many times, the least obvious is the most effective.

About Odin’s Innovations

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