• Turn mister on/off. Press and release power button. Green LED indicates the system is on.
  • Operate Mister. For each Port, press the Mist Delay (D) button and release until correct mist setting is chosen. For on-demand bursts, press and hold the Burst (B) button release a burst of mist.

The Hunter's Kloak® Mister can be set on 6, 9 and 15 second delays. Other on-device buttons displays the battery level and burst options. The remote also performs mist delays and on-demand bursts.


The following aftercare instructions are for the Rut Rouser® Dual Mist Deer Lure System:

  • After use, please remove the Scent Cartridges from Rut Rouser™ Mister and wipe the body and mist outlet with a soft dry cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners.
  • Do not attempt to touch the ultrasonic transducer (silver metal piece) with any hard objects as it could cause damage.
  • After use, please place the Rut Rouser™ Mister in a ventilated place so as to allow the internal parts to dry.
  • If the Scent Cartridge(s) is not empty after use, please ensure that the screw cap remains tight in place, and ready for next use. Store with the cap secured in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. Do not freeze.

The following accessories areincluded with your Rut Rouser® Dual Mist Deer Lure System:

  • Remote. Use from up to 160 feet away. Using remote, each (Scent Cartridge) can be set on a 6, 9 or 15 second time delay or burst as needed.
  • Remote Battery. An extra 27A 12V battery is included. These batteries are not typically found on the shelf, but they can be purchased through online retailers such as Click here to purchase.
  • Stand Holes. Use holes located on either side of the stand to stake/tie into the ground.
  • Charging Cable. Use the Charging cable to connect your Dual Mist Deer Lure System to any USB power adapter for convenient charging.
  • Battery. When the battery is fully empty, it takes approx 4.5 hours to fully charge.
  • Instructions.

The following warnings are for the Rut Rouser® Dual Mist Deer Lure System:

For outdoor use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Combustible. Do not allow fluid to contact eyes. In the case of accidental eye exposure, flush eyes with water and seek medical attention. Do not ingest fluid. Contents are harmful or fatal if swallowed. If swallowed do not induce vomiting and contact poison control or seek medical attention. Avoid frequent or prolonged contact with skin. May cause allergic reaction in some individuals. Failure to follow warnings may result in serious injury. Manufacturer is not responsible for injury or damage caused by the misuse of the product.

IF THREE LEDs FLASH with no mist activity, confirm that the Scent Cartridge is not loose – reload if necessary. If tight, the Scent Cartridge may be damaged & may need to be replaced.