Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding Hunter’s Kloak products and accessories. If you have other unanswered questions, contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What are the differences between Gen 1 and Gen 2?
There have been quite a few enhancements made since releasing and field testing the original Kloak Mister. Some of the changes are:


  • Separate operation buttons.
  • Power Button and Time Delay Button.
  • New time delay intervals 6, 9, or 15 seconds.
  • LED light dimming after choosing preferred time delay.
  • Updated ultrasonic transducer for a more powerful burst of mist.
  • Improved reliability with coated circuit boards to repel moisture.
  • Water-resistant, matte finish.

What are the differences between the Gen 2 and the Kloak Misters PRO and GHOST?

Even though we made solid improvements to the Gen 2, the Kloak Misters PRO and GHOST offer even more going forward, including:

  • Hardwired battery – giving it an 8 hour charge rather than 4.5-5.
  • Lanyard eyelets are now recessed into the body of the device.
  • Orange indicator lights have replaced the red lights.
  • Pro/Ghost models will NOT come with a scent cartridge like the Gen 2 Mister Kit, so you can purchase the scents you want.

What are the differences between the Kloak Mister PRO and the Kloak Mister GHOST?

With all of the improvements we’ve made to our Kloak Mister lineup, the only differences between the Kloak Misters PRO and GHOST are the colors and finish:

  • The PRO is gray, black and Hunter’s Kloak orange with matte and gloss finishes.
  • The GHOST is a marbled camo, specially processed during production where no two are the same. 


Do Gen 1 scent cartridges work with the Gen 2 mister?
Yes! We’ve made sure all Generation 1 scent cartridges will work with the Gen 2 Kloak Mister.

Do Gen 1 scent cartridges work with Gen 3 misters (Kloak Mister PRO and Kloak Mister GHOST?)
No! Due to ongoing improvements to materials and better connections, we've made adjustments to where the Gen 1 scent cartridges are no longer compatible with our newest Kloak Misters. Only use Gen 2 scent cartridges for our newest misters.

Do Gen 2 scent cartridges work with the Gen 1 mister?
Yes! The scent cartridges are part of the overall enhancements for all of our mister products going forward, plus, the Gen 1 Kloak Mister benefits because of scent cartridge modifications.

Are the scent cartridges able to be used in all Kloak Misters and Rut Rouser?
Yes! All scent cartridges are designed to fit all of our mister devices.

How long do the scent cartridges last?
Approximately 4.5 hours.

Do you disclose testing for safety of your scents?
Yes! While we do not disclose our formulas, we do have them tested to ensure our customers' safety and to offer our best advice for any exposure concerns. PLEASE SEE PACKAGING AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR SAFE HANDLING.


Do you sell Kloak Mister batteries separately?
Yes, but only for the Gen 2 Kloak Mister! Contact us to purchase replacement batteries.

Are batteries available for the Rut Rouser remote?
An extra 27A 12V battery is included for the Rut Rouser's remote. These batteries are not typically found on the shelf, but they can be purchased through online retailers such as Click here to purchase.

Is the rechargeable battery for Rut Rouser dual mister replaceable?
No, for best performance, it was best to hardwire and seal the batter into the device.

How long will a fully-charged battery last for both the Kloak Mister and Rut Rouser?
For the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Kloak Misters, fully-charged batteries will last approximately 5.5 hours. For the Kloak Misters PRO and GHOST, fully-charged batteries will last approximately 8 hours.

How long will a fully-drained battery take to completely charge?
For all Kloak Misters, a fully-drained battery will take approximately 4.5 hours to reach a full charge. The battery is rechargeable by connecting the device using the micro-USB cord to any USB port in your vehicle or home.