Odin’s Innovations® Adds More Scents

December 10, 2021
Prairie Village, KS

To continue the momentum of 2021, Odin’s Innovations is releasing additional lure and attractant scents for 2022.  “Odin’s Innovations is not merely a ‘scent manufacturer’, but rather a company that has applied the significant benefits of new technology (the unique biodegradable polymer) as a delivery system for the scents hunters want”, said Paul Black, President.  “The products create a shift in how hunter’s look at the use of scents”, said Black. “With our lure scents, the hunter can survey the traffic in front of trail cameras without frequent re-introduction of human scent. Also,” continued Black, “when the pheromone (dominant buck, scrape blend & doe in estrus) scents are effective, we feel that the efficacy of our synthetic scents infused into our unique release beads combine to provide the most effective attractants available.”Responding to the many requests from their dealer network as well as their other customers, Odin’s is introducing products to address the need for hunters of other prey, for example, bear and boar. “The acquisition of Hunter’s Kloak® gave us a wide variety of unique and proven scents”, said Black. “We have products that perform well in all areas of the country and during the many seasons. The consumer can even blend their own by combining multiple scents towards a specific area or prey.”

Since every product uses 100% synthetic scents, it is consistently effective and offers no risk of bacteria or other elements that could affect its performance.  Based upon current regulations, it is legal for use in every state.  Also, the polymer does not contain any food value or minerals that would make it considered to be a “bait”. “We have put a lot of effort into our review of the regulations across the country, speaking with many law enforcement agents,” added Black. “But we advise you check with regulations in the areas you wish to hunt.”

Extensively field and laboratory tested, Odin’s releases scent for 30 days or more and is “rain-proof”, continuing to work even after heavy rain or snow. Furthermore, Odin’s Scent Beads biodegrade, leaving the area Better Than You Found It®.  Mr. Black subjected his scented beads to testing at a university chemistry laboratory. During the test, scent beads were exposed to the elements for 27 days. Every three days, samples were collected and measured by a Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer to determine scent potency. After 27 days, the product retained more than half of its initial potency!

All current and future products will be built around the foundational performance characteristics of:

  • Long-lasting, 30-days or more
  • Rain-Proof, not impacted by dew, rain and other moisture
  • Field Tested, starting over 7 years ago and continually in the field and with new scent offerings.
  • ..nothing left behind to disturb our beautiful hunting areas!

About Odin’s Innovations

Odin’s Innovations, located in Prairie Village, Kansas, leverages proven with new technologies to offer better solutions to the consumer. Odin’s supply chain is 100% based in the United States, which has allowed it to avoid many of the problems effecting suppliers of so many products. The products are available from many independent dealers across the country (listed on our website) and at www.odinsinnovations.com/shop. The Odin’s Innovations® name and Better Than You Found It® are registered trademarks of LC BioPlastics LLC.  Follow Odin’s Innovations on Instagram and Facebook.