Odin’s Innovations® Introduces New Liquid Dispersal Option

February 21, 2023
Prairie Village, KS

The strategy is simple; provide the hunting community a scent and a scent dispersal system that best fit their hutting style, location, and time of year. For 2023, Odin’s Innovations is releasing their proven scents in a convenient liquid squeeze bottle with a directional spout. “Just point it where it will be most effective and squeeze,” said Paul Black of Odin’s Innovations. “Put it on bushes and branches to let the wind carry the scent. Leave a trail.” The synthetic scent is delivered in a biodegradable and sustainable oil-base that resists moisture for 7-10 days.

It all started with the development of synthetic scents that accurately and consistently released the scents known to be effective for the knowledgeable hunter.  In 2015, Hunter’s Kloak, which was acquired by Odin’s in 2020, developed their family of scents with field testing starting in 2016.  The acquisition of Hunter’s Kloak® gave us a wide variety of unique and proven scents”, said Black. “We have products that perform well in all areas of the country and during the many seasons.” 

Our commitment to 100% synthetic scents gives us many options,” said Black. Its proven efficacy and absent any risk of bacteria or other elements that could affect its performance or shelf life.  Without risk of prions, it is legal for use in every state.  In addition, there is nothing that provides food value or minerals in our products that would make it considered to be a “bait”. “We have put a lot of effort into our review of the regulations across the country, even speaking with many law enforcement agents when we feel the need for more clarity,” added Black. “But we advise you check with regulations in the areas you wish to hunt.”

All current and future products will be built around the foundational performance characteristics of:

  • Longer-lasting, liquid will not wash away with the first sign of moisture and our biodegradable polymers lasts 30-days or more.
  • Rain-Proof, not impacted by dew, rain and other moisture.
  • Field Tested, starting in 2016 and continuing in the field and with new scents.
  • .. leaving the area Better Than You Found It®.

About Odin’s Innovations

Odin’s Innovations, located in Prairie Village, Kansas, leverages proven with new technologies to offer better solutions to the consumer. Odin’s supply chain is 100% based in the United States. The products are available from many independent dealers across the country (listed on our website) and at www.odinsinnovations.com/shop. The Odin’s Innovations® name and Better Than You Found It® are registered trademarks of LC BioPlastics LLC.  Follow Odin’s Innovations on Instagram and Facebook.