Odin’s Innovations® Sees Scents As A Year-round Opportunity

August 15, 2023
Overland Park, KS

Odin’s Innovations’ mission is to provide the hunter with a family of scents to help them be more successful. These include scents that can be used throughout the year, with different dispersal methods and different scents to address a different need. “Why does the market believe that scents are only useful during the fall?” asked Paul Black of Odin’s Innovations. “Our customer benefit from cover scents to treat gear off season, mosquito repellent to protect while doing anything outdoors, scents to take inventory ahead of a season, scents for whitetail deer, bear and feral pigs that you can hunt all year long.”

“The commitment to 100% synthetic scents and delivery material provides us with a runway to do a lot of interesting things”, said Black. “Also, as a synthetic material, it is not considered bait in most areas of the country.”

There is nothing in the Odin’s products that provides food value or minerals in our products that would make it considered “bait. “We have spoken with many law enforcement agents when we feel the need for more clarity,” added Black. “If you have a question, we advise you check with regulators in the areas you plan to hunt.”

Earth Scents to treat your gear and cover the unwanted natural human scents. It smells like the forest floor!
Citronella Scents to protect the hunter from those pesky mosquitos!
Spring bear seasons and year-round feral pig hunts.

Lure Scents that smell like food but are not considered ‘bait’. Put them in front of your trail cameras and track the activity for 30-days or more without replenishing the scent or reintroducing your human scent!
Many of our lure scents are for prey that is hunted all year around.

Pheromone Scents (Doe Estrus, Dominant Buck, and our specially formulated Scrape Blend) are the scents most used. But, with INNOVATION and technology, we aren’t constrained to stay within this small niche.
Bear scents; Jelly Donut, Molasses, New Berry and many more! 

About Odin’s Innovations

Odin’s Innovations, located in Overland Park, Kansas, leverages proven scents with new technologies to offer better solutions to the consumer. Odin’s supply chain is 100% based in the United States. Each of the products from Odin’s Innovations are biodegradable and are a USDA Certified Biobased Product. The products are available from many independent dealers across the country (listed on our website) and at www.odinsinnovations.com/shop. The Odin’s Innovations® name and Better Than You Found It® are registered trademarks of LC BioPlastics LLC. Follow Odin’s Innovations on Instagram and Facebook.