About us


In his role as leader and god of the hunt, Odin was known as the Wild Huntsman. He is the father of Thor… pretty cool, huh? Furthermore, this chief among all Norse gods had the power to appear as the wind.


Just like our namesake, Odin, our natural scents travel like the wind with the power to help conquer wild game and overcome the challenges of the great outdoors.

At Odin’s Innovations®, we’re driven to develop the highest quality of products for hunters and those who love and respect the natural habitat. We apply new technologies to bring you innovative solutions that make conditions ideal for hunting success, while protecting the environment.

Our tagline, “Better Than You Found It®,” expresses our commitment that every product we make will use sustainable materials that will not harm our environment. They are also 100% biodegradable whenever the application allows.


Odin’s Innovations® is an LC Bioplastics company that develops finished products from sustainable materials. We work to identify current products made with chemically based plastics for which we can make a functional, non-polluting bioplastic alternative.

Sometimes, our R&D results in not only an alternative, but a substantially improved product over those currently available on the market. The development of our biodegradable polymer – that absorbs large amounts of liquid scents – allows us to “build a better mousetrap,” or in this case, “deer trap”. The pellets also include natural fibers to provide outdoor color and texture that blends in with the natural habitat when disbursed on the ground. Attractants retain their scent over an extended period of time, regardless of heavy dew, rain and snow. Eventually, they biodegrade, breakdown and disappear, leaving no trace to spoil the environment.

LC Bioplastics, LLC, was recently honored as a 2020 Emerging Business of the Year by the Kansas Small Business Development Center.


We know our products mean nothing without you and your support. So our commitment to bring you the highest value products is unwavering. We listen to your helpful feedback and make improvements where we can to solve your needs. One example is our choice of Hunter’s Kloak® as the source for our new synthetic scents in answer to your recommendations.

Please continue to visit our site and subscribe to our newsletter, so you can remain aware of new product developments. Tell us how we can continue to serve you better. Or suggest other products you would like for us to make with non-toxic, sustainable materials.